Tidys Twitch Tools: Chatters vs Viewers

For information purposes only

17/10/2021 - Fixed issue with host - tool now works again.

13/11/2019 - Tool now works again!

10/10/2016 - Added client ID - Tool now works again!

This tool checks the number of viewers shown on the twitch.tv page, then checks the number of users in the chat (for that stream). This will generally be the same for non botted channels (5% - 10% difference small channels // 25%-30% larger channels). However, for channels that are viewbotting - the difference will be very noticable.

Please Note: I wrote this tool very quickly and relies purely on data from Twitch.tv's API. This is not affiliated in anyway to Twitch.tv

If a channel does appear to be view botting, please DO NOT assume the host is viewbotting. Users/Viewers do this to annoy streamers in an attempt to get a reaction.

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